CAINE 1.5 Installed... Configuring Wired Networking

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CAINE 1.5 Installed... Configuring Wired Networking

Post  joetekno on Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:55 pm

Configuring networking on your CAINE 1.5 forensic workstation.

NOTE: It may be a violation of your policies, procedures or a court order to have a forensic workstation connected to a network while conducting an analysis. These instructions are provided for configuring a forensic workstation BEFORE conducting an analysis so that you can use Synaptic Package Manger, the Internet, etc to download and install applications. Physically disconnect the NIC prior to conducting an analysis.

1. Click “Menu”… System… Administration… Network
2. Click the “Unlock” button
3. Type your administrative user password
4. Select the “Wired Connection” you wish to configure and Click the “Properties” button
5. Check the “Enable this Connection” checkbox
6. Select “Automatic Configuration” OR enter the appropriate settings for your network
7. Click the “OK” button
8. Click the “Close” button
9. Open a terminal window and type “ifconfig” to verify ip address setting

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