CAINE V.4 Bootable, Wine, and Mitec DirList

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CAINE V.4 Bootable, Wine, and Mitec DirList

Post  joetekno on Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:48 pm

I installed Wine using the CAINE V.4 Bootable CD. Modified the keyboard layout, adjusted my time and time zone in the Ubuntu GUI then downloaded the Mitec DirList executable and ran it on a mounted Windows XP drive with known Modified Accessed and Created times.

The output from the DirList program for Modified Accessed and Created dates was +5 hours to the actual times (Which is correctly how Windows XP saves time - using UTC/GMT). I think the output could be changed to local time if I could modify Wine's TimeZone setting - but have been unable to find out how to change the Wine timezone setting.

There are other linux utils that will give me MAC information - mactime etc. I was just researching a simple GUI that I could use to quickly find the time stamps and Mitec DirList looked good (free for commercial use too!).

I'm interested to know if anyone knows how to change the WINE timezone if that is the problem, other thoughts on what the problem could be, and other simple apps that will give me the same information.



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