CAINE LiveCD and nbcaine.dd.gz v0.5 Hash

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CAINE LiveCD and nbcaine.dd.gz v0.5 Hash

Post  joetekno on Fri May 08, 2009 2:16 am

The hyperlink "CAINE LiveCD v0.5 (Hash)" located on page says:

Hash: SHA1 a3110b0c937e3d3214fde82592f6828c caine05.iso

"a3110b0c937e3d3214fde82592f6828c" is an MD5 hash.

Additionally the hash value for nbcaine.dd.gz
Hash: SHA1 3cf7bcacc6cf0254dc396f1c5491a5eb  nbcaine.dd.gz

Is an MD5 hash.



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