Autopsy output files storage

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Autopsy output files storage

Post  jhowell920 on Sun Jul 05, 2009 2:49 am

I am using the CAINE v0.5 software to conduct the examination of my evidence which usually graphics cases, and when I have the Autopsy program output all of the graphics on the suspect drive image it stores them to my local drive. The problem I have is that I have run out of room that drive, I moved an old case off and can now use the system (it was deleting items on its own due to low disc space), but I currently am examining two cases that have a lot of data (one is 640GB the other is 800GB). Is there a way to redirect the output from autopsy to another drive, I am concerned that I will run out of space again when I do the graphics dump. Also can you tell me where CAINE might store other large files on my local disk I still only have 135GB free on a 250GB partition, and I do not think that CAINE has that big of a footprint. Any information would be great Thank You.



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Re: Autopsy output files storage

Post  denis on Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:48 pm

you could use another disk, network or usb disk, make a mount point, and use it as autopsy output directory making a simlink from /var/lib.
Delete or rename the autopsy output directory, then, using /media/sdc1/autopsy/ to store your output make
# cd /var/lib
# ln -s /media/sdc1/autopsy/ autopsy
in this way you make a link, named autopsy so the program don't make mistake, but all output will be fit in /media/sdc1/autopsy/



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