Recover deleted directories and rare files like .MTS from ext3

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Recover deleted directories and rare files like .MTS from ext3

Post  eses on Thu Sep 16, 2010 1:11 pm

Well, here i am found in the middle of recovering my deleted large size datas which was in an ext3 partition after an accident happened with rm -rf.
I have imaged the partition which is about 600Gb, but the real problem is that i am not satisfied with Photorec as its file extension recovery is few... I have problems recovering my directories as well as my files like (.MTS, .MOD ...etc) which are diverse and not only that, i can't even remember them all as it was a collection of directories...
With autopsy i couldn't see any folder or files that i recognize....
Is it possible to see/recover directories as they were placed before deletion....and which best tool to use...
I will attach the report of autopsy shortly...

thanks in advance.



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